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Wear & Care Instructions

Vie Vibrante Logo for knee brace (small)

Q: How do I "Wear My Knee Brace"?


1. In the front, ensure the logo is on the top side


4. In the front, loop the top strap through the D-ring


6. In the front, loop the lower strap through the D-ring


9. Behind the knee, loop the upper strap through the D-ring


2. Place the O ring on top of your kneecap


3. Behind the knee, close the upper and lower flaps


5. Pull the strap to fit snugly, but comfortable


7. Adjust the strap to fit snugly, but comfortable


8. Behind the knee, loop the upper strap through the D-ring


10. Adjust all straps to fit snugly, but comfortable

Q: How do I measure the size?

Please ensure you purchased correct size knee brace by following instruction below:


Q: What do I do with the extra straps?

extra stap-2.jpg
extra stap-1.jpg
extra stap-4.jpg
extra stap-3.jpg
extra stap-5.jpg
extra stap-6.jpg

Option 1:

Wrap the strap from behind for more patella support



Option 2:

Wrap the strap diagonally in the front 
(or back) from left to right or vise verse. Choose the most comfortable and supported direction for your knee. 

Option 3:

Criss Cross by using included 2 straps, follow the instruction on the left, criss cross right below your kneecap to help stabilize your knee

Q: How do I prevent it from "slipping down"?


A: There are a few ways to prevent the knee brace from falling down:

1. Wear the knee brace on top of a knee sleeve

2. Try NOT to wear the knee brace on top of your jeans/pants. Jeans/Pants may cause knee brace to slide 


3. Use the included multi-purpose strap to stabilize the knee like above based on your needs.

4. Place a small piece of Dycem film in between your thigh and underneath the knee brace to create more friction, thus stops the knee brace from sliding down

Q: How Can I Wash It?

A: YES! Simply do the following:

a. Warning ** Remove metal hinges from both sides first before washing
b. Prefer hand wash with cold water then AIR DRY ONLY

c. Or put inside the included mesh bag and wash it & AIR DRY ONLY 


Q: How do we contact Vie Vibrante?

A: Email: 


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